Hi! Thanks for visiting my page!!! I grew up in Kansas and lived in Asia, but now rest my Chuck Taylors in New York City.

2015 was an exciting year for me as I was selected as a featured comedian for Comedy Central Asia. I also debuted my first standup solo show titled “Dorothy Was Never From Kansas” at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. That's also when I moved to New York!

2016 has been great as well (except for the election, celebrity deaths, etc.) as I took my second solo show “Rapscallion” to the Edinburgh Fringe, and I was selected for the San Fransisco Comedy Competition.

I’m also the creator of the alt-format show HeadSets which made its debut in 2016. It’s a show where comedians lose their heads and perform with no bodies, and was extremely well received in its first year. Look out for its festival return in summer 2017!!!

Have a browse around (scroll down), and feel free to hit me up!!!


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