Hi! Thanks for visiting my page!!! I grew up in Kansas and lived in Asia, but now rest my Chuck Taylors in New York City.

2015 was an exciting year for me as I was selected as a featured comedian for Comedy Central Asia. I also debuted my first standup solo show titled “Dorothy Was Never From Kansas” at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. That's also when I moved to New York!

2016 was great as well as I took my second solo show “Rapscallion” to the Edinburgh Fringe, and I was selected for the San Fransisco Comedy Competition.

In 2017 I was selected for New York Winter Film Festival finals as well as She Makes Me Laugh Festival. That year I took my third solo show “Scrappy Cuddler” to the Edinburgh Fringe. For this year I've been chosen for the DC Comedy Festival and will be debuting my first official hour at the Edinburgh Fringe!

I’m also the creator of the alt-format show HeadSets which made its debut in 2016. It’s a show where comedians lose their heads and perform with no bodies, and was extremely well received in its first year. Look out for its festival return in summer 2018!!!

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